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Recently I asked a question on a plugin that was included in the FPA8 package.
lesouef  replied that it would be able to do a find by using relations. Well I had put so many hours to understand the plugin so I just felt dumb not to have understood that something could be done without the plugin and that I did not understand relations. I just said thanks.
But now in the late night I am ciurius (sorry for spelling)
I have a layout showing posts from a table (Companies).
There is a portal showing related persons and another portal in differtent flap showing tasks
The relation to both is the customer No
I have a dropdown menu just above the companynames that is a dropdownfield that show companynames.
I would like the layout to show the company that the dropdownfield shows.
I understand that I have to use selfrelations.
Exacly how would I relate the selfrelation.

I would prefer not to use that plug. I dont trust it. Today when I tried to copy a value in one of the portalraws by ctrl-C the valu suddenly turned to a Square. I tred to coy again and the same thing happend. I am susspicius on the plug in.
By the way I finalised a very nice application today and I am proud. The system takes care of 15.000 unik emailadresses in different grouping. When you push a button we create the mailinglist and open up the mailingsystem (Send Event) with the recordset redy to mail. I searced the web for an smtpmailer that could use any fileformat Mach5 Mailer was really good. Up to 200 mail is freeware.
Take care everybody here is 1 am and I will go home now after filling up gaz gaz gaz (jumping jack)
Per Bäckman

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which plug-in is that? I never use FM examples, but I may know the plug-in...
about self relationships, easy:
- create a second instance of the table in "define database/links" (ex: companies2)
- link the new one with the original using the same field (companyname or companyID (better)).
- place the fields you need in yr layout, using the second instance related field (ex:Companies2::name)
perbackmanAuthor Commented:
Some more info
What I did this weekend was to convert 11 wab-files full of duplicat adresses grouped or not grouped.
If  you want to extract from windows adressbook I will recommend Adress Magic Personal edition. That was the only converter that could extract info on distrubution groups in wab files.
Just an advise might help anyone out there.
Take care
also say if you'd need an example. I should be able to do one too-morrow
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perbackmanAuthor Commented:
I used the FMPExample Plugin. But probebly it was overkill if it could be done within Filemaker.
Please i you would have the great kindness to make an example I would be glad.
While you're waiting for lesouefs example, consider this:

I understand you want a layout that shows company data. But rather than searching a record through the find function, you want the user to pick a company name from a drop down menu and after that the chosen company's details show up in the layout. Am I right?

In that case, you could make a global field, format it as a value list. The value list is defined as the content of the company name field. Create a relationship based on the relation global_field = company_name. Put the related data on the layout. I think that is all in its very essence.

Using a script triggered by a "go!" or "find it!" button it will get more elegant as you can actually display a found set based on the global value and clean up the global field afterwards etcetera. But that's all cosmetics.

Congratulations on your email app. It's nice to hear you're proud of it!

if you use a relationship based on a list of companies, you won't have to clean up, it will be necessarily ok and the change is interactive.
perbackmanAuthor Commented:
You are quite right about the found set.
Ill be back on this. Had a lot 2 days now. For the first time I bound to offoices by a fixed line. I made it hard in my mind, but it was easy. Burned some time.
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