Binding 2 adsl lines

hello all,
please i have 2 adsl lines the first line: adsl 2mb
the second line adsl 1.5mb
i need any solution make me binding the 2 lines and make the users in my network can download with the speed of the 2 lines,
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For around 160 (usd) retail, or $120 from the right reseller you get

4 Gigabit LAN ports
Dual WAN Ports configurable for load-balancing or just plain redundancy
( I'd be really curious what this could do with 2 Fiber connections a'la Verizons FIOS!!)
And is endpoint-to-endpoint OR client based VPN ready.
Before all the Netgear haters strike me down, this is part of their ProSafe line which are much higher grade than than their plastic home counterparts. My company has installed this particular model for clients in the double-digits and have had problem 0 for over 9 months.

Configured in load-balancing mode you will enjoy a theoretical combined bandwith for your Upload and Download, internet traffic will SCREAM.

If your WL router doesn't have the capability in operating as an Access Point only, write back and I'll tell you a cool little trick involving static routes that will accomplish said objective.
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

You could use the "multilink" feature of windows - its a dialup thingy that lets you bind two connections but I think the ISP has to support it - not sure if an ADSL provider will.  

Secondly, there are some programs out there that let you "load balance" your traffic over two connections - one is
called erm... "multi-ras" I think, only useful for HTTP stuff though AFAIK.There is another option, you could connect both ADSL lines and fiddle with your routing table to force traffic to certain addresses over one connection - type "route" at a command prompt for more detail.... an example of this would be say to dedicate one ADSL line to downloading something and leave the other line free for gaming or general browsing or whatever..

Network load balancing

This is also depend on the your ISP so please ask to your ISP .Talk to your provider, they may have a better solution for you that will cost the same as 2 DSL lines.  In any case, you'll need to talk to them to see if they'll support "multi-linking"..

a nexland router would work, and i am thinking you could also do it with
windows 2000 $ 2003 server and RRAS...

What equipment do you have them hooked upto...

You can always trying creating two default routes...


You will never get consistent round robin.
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