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Hello all,

Hope you can help, I am new to Filemaker and the version that I am using is 5.

I have a copy of FMP on my laptop and desktop computer. I created a new layout for quotes database on my laptop.

How do I add my new layout to the same database on my desktop?

Need to do this tomorrow at work.

Newbie, Yo

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you can't.
if the database is the same structure, create a new blank layout, same size and parts, and copy/paste elements from one base to the other, in design mode.(control A to select all, note the x/y coordinates, paste, enter x/y coordinates). to display coords, you need to display the size palette.
if field names are identical on both sides, it should match perfectly.
yh73090aAuthor Commented:
So I should have both databases on one computer so that I can do this, right?
yes, before fm8, only a copy/paste in between filemaker files can do the job, so they must be on the same computer. you can also share one file and access it from a remote machine through network
as an addition to the suggestion provided; you  can save the database on your laptop as a clone on a memory stick or email it to yourself. File menu > save a copy > save as clone. A clone is a copy of the file but without any records. Open it on the desktop and copy-paste the layout into the filemaker file.
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