installing Citrix ICA Client on Mac OS X Tiger

Hello everyone,

I have recently brought two new Imacs up on a client's network.  They access certain windows programs through a citrix metaframe XP Presentation server.  When I download and install the ICA client the installation appears to complete however when I launch the application that shows in the safari browser it doesn't connect.  I get an error 51.  I will do a lot of reading on this when I get the time however I thought I would be wise to approach the amazing resource that is EE to streamline this research.  I have a lot of work to do for this client and spending all kinds of time online reading about Citrix and Mac OS X isn't something I can do right now.  

Thanks in advance!

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This seems to be a fix:𛊉

"Error number:51. A workaround is to modify the System Folder\Preferences\Citrix ICA Client\MODULES file on the Mac....find and change "Clipboard = On" to "Clipboard = Off". Citrix is aware of this issue."
NGTGAuthor Commented:
Thanks mgcIT.  I am reading up on it now and if it's the fix I need I'll assign the points to you.
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