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Hi there!

I am currently selecting the bestmatch in an old-fashioned kind of way:

select t1.x,t2.y,t2.z from t1, t2 where t1.x like concat(t2.y,'%') order by t2.y desc;

x is filled with telephonenumbers whereas y is populated with areacodes of different length, like 702,7025,70255,702555 and z holds the corresponding cityname for y.

Now my question is that I don't want to get ALL the possible matches with the bestmatch as first row, but I only want to get this one row as result. Currently my problem is that I always get each x-number as many times as there are y-entries and that is definitely causing problems.

As always and as you have already expected: this is a rather urgent matter and that's why this is valued at 500 points :-)

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,

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I don't think you can do it with MySQL, you have to extrapolate your data and use some kind of scripting to display in the format you need.
tillmanz123Author Commented:

I give you a small example:

x-column - a-column
12125551212 - 2006-01-01
13104451255 - 2006-01-02
12122224545 - 2006-01-03

y-column - z-column
1 - USA
1212 - NY
1212555 - DirectoryAssistence

select t1.x, t1.a, t2.z
from t1, t2
where t1.x like concat(t2.y,'%')
order by t2.y desc;

I want my result to look like this:


Maybe I am just too blind to see, but please tell me how to do that (apart from using my application to parse through the result set).

Best regards,

it would help to know which version of mysql that you are using.

my first suggestion would be this:

CREATE table `hold_it`
select t1.x, t1.a, t2.y, t2.z
from t1, t2
where t1.x like concat(t2.y,'%')
order by t2.y desc;

SELECT x, a, z FROM `hold_it` GROUP BY x

though the results of that query will technically be arbitrary


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try this
select x,y,z from (select t1.x as x,t2.y as y,t2.z as z from t1, t2 where t1.x like concat(t2.y,'%') order by t2.y desc) as d group by x;
which is nothing more than what i suggestd rewritten as a subselect...
my code will work in 3.23+, his code will only work in 4.1+ and is substantially identical... which is especially funny since his initial comment is "I don't think mysql can do this"
virmajor, i agree with you, it is same as yours except with the sub query.
Also about about my first comment i wasn't clear about the tillman's result, until he explained in his later post.
fair enough
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