Westell 2200 DSL Modem with a Cisco PIX 506e

Hello EE Gurus
   I am working with a client to set up a Pix 506e. They have Verizon business DSL and currently use the ISP provided Westell 2200 DSL router as the DNS/DHCP host for all the clients on the local LAN.  I have set up a Wndows 2003 server with DHCP/DNS services for the local hosta and hope to configure the PIX in front of the DSL router to firewall the internal LAN including set up of a point to point VPN to another site.

 How would I go about the config?  Looking at the the documentation it seems there are 2 choices,  setup a Public LAN with IP pass-through or setting up port forwarding of traffic to an internal host.  

I have asked the client to upgrade their service to obtain a static IP from Verizon for the public interface of the PIX.  I just need the Westell to route all in-coming and out-going traffic to the outside interface of the PIX behind it.  Any information on how to accomplish this would be helpful.  Thank you in advance for your advice and time on this issue.

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You can probably eliminate the router and terminate the DSL line on the PIX. Connect the Modem directly into the outside interface of the PIX firewall. Pix does support PPPoE which is what Verizon normally provides. Then confiture the PIX as you like.

This will eliminate one hop and also provide better service.

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hi Dennis

If the DSL modem has an ethernet port - then you can connect it into the outside port as naveedb suggests and configure the PIX as a pppoe client.  Here is detail on how to do same with the PIX:


I personally don't use PIX for PPPOE as there are some services that are not supported - L2TP, PPTP...also see the caveat at the end of the document advising that OSPF is not supported if you use the "pppoe setroute" variable.  That said, as long as you are aware of its shortcomings, it will be fine as a solution for firewalling and IPSec vpn.

hope this help
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