forget password for Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control

i have application server10g (9.0.4) and forget the password for Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control
can you help me to get the password or change it
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I have had the same thing in the past when I inherited an IAS installation and I resolved it by resetting the sysman password using the following from Oracle:

1.  When the Enterprise Manager (EM) OMS and Repository are new, the default EM
    Administrator account and password are:

       Name: sysman
       Password: oem_temp

During this first logon attempt to the EM Console, a security warning will be
displayed prompting for a change to the default sysman password.

2.  When the EM setup is not new and the account supplied in the logon window
    previously worked, try using a different EM administrator account.  If
    necessary, use the SYSMAN account and then reset the invalid username's

Note: The administrator name is not case sensitive, however, the password is
case sensitive.

If oem_temp is no longer the password for SYSMAN and you need to reset the
existing password back to oem_temp, perform the following steps:

3.  Obtain the username/password of the EM Repository owner.  The username is
    normally stored in the file but the password is

4.  Shutdown the OEM Console login dialog box.

5.  Shutdown the Oracle Management Server (OMS).
6.  Connect to the Repository database, where the EM Repository is stored.  
    Connect as the EM Repository owner using SQL*Plus Worksheet, and choose the
    option to "connect directly to a database" (or connect using SQL*Plus).
7.  Execute the following SQL statement:

       'execute smp_maintenance.reset_sysman();'

    For OEM 2.0.4 execute the script: vduResetSysman.sql, for example:
       csh% sqlplus repository_owner/
       Sqlplus> @$ORACLE_HOME/sysman/admin/vduResetSysman.sql;


8.  Restart the OMS and start the OEM Console.

9.  Log in as the user SYSMAN and specify the password "oem_temp".
    Change the default password when you are prompted.

I hope that helps you.


IT-GazaAuthor Commented:
Dear Chedgey,
thank you very mush for cooperation but i want to declare some thing that i forget the password for Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control
which user name have  "ias_admin" not enterprise for console manager
and again thanks for new knowledge

sorry about the misunderstanding. I have never tried it myself but Oracle provide the follwoing method for resetting the password (option B below) using emctl:

A. If you already know the current EM Administrative password for ias_admin, you can change the password from within the EM Web Site by clicking on the Preferences link on the top right-hand side of the screen.

1. You must enter the old password, the new password and confirm the new password.


You can also go to command line and issue the following syntax:

On Unix:

emctl set password <newpassword>
emctl authenticate <newpassword>

On Windows NT/2000:

emctl set password <oldpassword> <newpassword>
emctl authenticate <newpassword>

2. Restart the EMD using the emctl start command

NOTE: When issuing this first stop command, use the OLD password. Then start EMD. The new password will take effect from then on.


B. If you have forgotten the EM Administrative password for ias_admin, the solution depends on your platform. Please follow the platform specific steps below:

Windows NT / 2000:

(Per the Oracle9iAS Release 2 Addendum Release Notes, section 11.5)

The Enterprise Manager Web Site will enforce use of the current Administrator (ias_admin) password when you log in to Enterprise Manager, stop the Enterprise Manager Service, or change the ias_admin password. If you have forgotten your ias_admin password then you must reset it using the following procedure while you are logged on to your PC as the person who installed Oracle9iAS:

1.Edit the following file and locate the line that defines the credentials property for use the ias_admin user:


The following example shows the section of jazn-data.xml with the credentials entry in boldface type:


2.Remove the entire line that contains the <credentials> property from jazn-data.xml.

3.Enter the following command from DOS Command window:

%ORACLE_HOME%\bin\emctl set password reset <new password>

4. Restart your PC. After resetting the password, you can't stop the em service since it is still using the old password. You have to reboot the system to get the new password to take effect.


On unix platforms, this step is not necessary because the emctl utility does not require the old password in order to set the new password.

I hope that helps you this time.



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