WSDM Methodology

WSDM - Website design method is a systems development methodology. Where can i find resources to read on this methodology. I'm doing an e-commerce web site for my final year project and i have to choose a development methodology. I looked in ACM Digital library as well as IEEE Explore and could not find anything on WSDM. I should be able to reference these resources meaning, the resources should be academically acceptable.
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Jeroen RosinkSoftware testing consultantCommented:
some other sources could be:
Website Design

WSDM: a user centered design method for Web sites

Designing Personalized Web Applications

I hope some of these helps you out.
You can find papers on WSDM at:
The link I gave is the definitive one for WSDM as it was created by the academic group that developed and continues to evolve WSDM.

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