SBS 2003 Change User Logon Name

We're just installing SBS2003.  We've set up our first user using logon name firstname.surname.  We've been through the process that sets up that user on thier PC, allowing them to logon to the domain.  That's all gone fine.

Now we've had a change of heart and we want to use just firstname as the logon name.  How should we go about changing that for that one user who has already been set up?

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just go into active directory users and computers, rightclick on that user, choose properties, go to the account tab and change the login name field
johnalphaoneAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks.

However on the PC through which she is accessing the server we now have a user account called firstname.surname, which has inherited all the account settings for the account that was used on this PC when it was stand-alone. Do we not also have to do anything with this account on this PC?
No, you will not HAVE to do anything with it.  However, when you log on with the new username, it may use that profile because the SID is still the same.  If you want it to create a new profile on the local machine, log in as administrator and browse C:\Documents and Settings\firstname.surname and delete the user from the local accounts if it exists.
johnalphaoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that works.
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