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Alias Names - How did they do that ?? - Help !

A server has a name called test_server.  The server in question has been renamed to testserver and an alias setup so that both the old and new NetBios names, (test_server and testserver) can be resolved on the network.

Both names can also be seen in Network Neighbourhood.

How do you manage to achieve this ?  I've managed to create a alias by putting an entry for the other name into WINS and modifying the registry but never been able to get both names to appear in Networkneighbourhood.  

I've even had experts tell me it wasnt possible to get both names to appear in Network Neighbourhood only the "real" one.  

So how did they do it ?????
1 Solution
Not sure about Network Neighborhood, as this is a Windows function.  But an alias in DNS is called a Cname or a Canocial name.  It's standard in most DNS implementations.  It points to an A Record.  So, you can't have an alias without a real DNS name (which points to an IP).
Windows networking neighborhood should not be supporting this; if you know of a situation where they managed to do this, i wouldn't be surprised to find that test_server is actually still online and all it's shares are forwarded to testserver.

In any case, you could try to setup aliases like this:
regedit, edit:
Add Value: OptionalNames REG_SZ with as value the name of the alias
If you make it a type REG_MULTI_SZ, you can add multiple aliases.

I don't think (I have not seen it happening anyway) that this machine will broadcast its OptionalNames on the network neighborhood but i do think that you would be able to use \\alias now.

maybe this helps ?

This is what I've done to get it working:

- Make sure the server and client(s) are using WINS name resolution (NetBT nodetype is either P-node or H-node)
- Use WINS Administrator to add a Unique type manual entry with the Netbios name and IP-address.
- Add the HKEY_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\OptionalNames value to the registry of the server.

The WINS entry will add the name to the network neighbourhood and the OptionalNames will make sure the server listens to that name.

Tested with Windows XP Pro and Windows Server 2003 Std. I'm not sure if this is a supported configuration, though.

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