Display web pages on TV (streamed via Ethernet)

Hi Experts,

we need to present a variety of different web pages on 50-inch plasma-displays in a factory and are not sure which way to go. The scenario is as follows:
- the displays should show 4 different pages in rotation, which come from a central webserver
- the TVs should be stand-alone devices without attached PCs (i.e. with integrated web clients)
- there is no way to use monitor extension cables, because the entire hall is about 50 meters long and 20 meters broad

I found a new TV system manufactored by Viewsonic (the ND4200 and ND5000), but both network displays don't seem to be available yet - do you know comparable screens with integrated web clients? Or how would you solve the task?

Thank you in advance!
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Sounds like you need a wireless video transmitter: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?A=search&ci=2505&Q=&O=NavBar
There are ways to do it with just about any display.
You say you can't use extension cables, but you have CAT5 Ethernet? How about using CAT5 extension cables?
You could have a matrix switch at one location with a PC as a source with a transmitter, cat5 to the matrix box, and cat5 to all displays with a small receiver on each display. This way only one video source which you control easily, and lower cost displays.
I've used this system several places and it works well:

an 8x8 would more than suit your requirements and give you room to add more displays if you need them, or allow you to change sources on the fly.
You can control inputs/outputs via a web interface quite nicely.

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SwafnilAuthor Commented:
Hi you two!

Thank your for your good contributions - I will probably use the CAT5 Ethernet extenders, which should solve the problem. The wireless video transmitters can't probably be used in my scenario, because there are quite a lot of electrical devices in the factory hall and that could lead to future problems with interrupted video signals (I forgot to mention that). The wireless solution would be useful in some other cases at my company's locations, so thanks for the suggested solution.

Perhaps you could help me split the points? I'd like to give 300 to Irmoore and 200 to CoccoBill, is this split possible?
SwafnilAuthor Commented:
I forgot about the "split points" link - thank you once again and have a great week!
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