Recursiv set attrib flag bat-file

I need to make a solution that sets the attrib-flag for all files in a certain directory recursively (and all its subdirectories).

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you have to:

- click start-> run
- enter "cmd"
- enter "attrib /?"
- view what it prints
- change the directory to where you want to start with "cd c:\windows\thisone\" for example
- use the attrib-command. an example to recursively set the "readonly" attribute to every file would be: "attrib +H . /S"

if you want to set or release always the same attribute(s) then you could add such a static command to the context-menu (left mousebutton click) of any folder. when you would select that, always the same attributes would be set/released for all files within that folder and recursively all files in every sub-folder
mdolandAuthor Commented:
Great! Could you explain that thing with static command that could be possible to use throughthe mouse?
sure. to do this, first make sure what you want with the attrib-command. the following example sets the readonly-attribute and removes the hidden-attribute. if you want something else, you have to adapt the example or say it here what you want. its done recursively for every sub-folder.

- click start->run
- enter "notepad"
- copy all lines below after the first === and before the second === marker into notepad
- save the file somewhere (best would be desktop) as "something.reg". make sure it really has a .REG -ending
- doubleclick on the REG-file and yes, youre sure to merge it with the registry
- thats it. now open up explorer, right click on any folder and you will see the new entry. selecting this will execute the attrib-command like described above.

if you see the example but want to change something, simply edit the reg-file in notepad again, save it and then doubleclick it again - there is no "uninstall" orso to care about, the changes affect the system instantly.


@="here goes my description"

@="attrib +R -H \"%1\"\\*.* /S"


have fun :)

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