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CSS left middle right block in a row


what i /really/ want is:

|            |             unlimited size (and a long bg image)                   |            |
| left       ---------------------------------------------------------------------  right    |
|            |                                 navbar (text inline)                        |            |

just copy this into notepad to get the idea

but i thought id start off small first, so i try to get a:

<table><tr><td>left</td><td>bla</td><td>right</td></table> using divs

not text only, it will contain images etc so i want div blocks, inline wont do

anyway, i wanted to start off with this: but it aint working, any ideas why?

<style type="text/css" media="screen">

                  margin: 0;
                  padding: 0;
                  font-size: 95%;
                  font-family: georgia, times, "times new roman", serif;
                  color: #000;
                  background-color: #fff;

            a:link { color: #036; }
            a:visited { color: #066; }

            a:hover, a:active
                  color: #fff;
                  background-color: #036;

                  color: #fff;
                  background-color: #333;
                  border-bottom: 1px solid #000;

                  width: 150px;
                  padding-top: 2em;

                  margin-left: 150px;
                  margin-right: 150px;

                  width: 150px;
                  float: right;
                  color: #f00;

<div id="banner">
      <div id="banleft">
      <div id="banmiddle">
      <div id="banright">
            yo jo
1 Solution
maUruAuthor Commented:
nevermind i found it

<div style="clear:both;"></div>
just before closing banner div
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