Unable to edit grouped data in DevExpress Quantum Grid v5

Good Morning Experts:

I'm using a DevExpress' Quantum Grid v5 in a Delphi 2005 Win32 application. The database is SQL Serve 2000 and I have the proper permissions for editing in the database. My problem is that I have a grid bound to a user table which I load from a query. The data displays just fine and I am able to edit within the grid as long as I don't group the data in the grid. However, as soon as I drag a grid column into the grouping pane, the data groups properly (that feature is so cool) but I am unable to edit the data until such time as I ungroup it.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? I am missing setting some parameter on the grid?

Your help will be most appreciated.

Since time is of some essece here, I'm setting a high bounty on this question. Good hunting Experts.

Thanks and regards.

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I tested your senario using D7 and QuantumGrid 5.15, editing in group mode worked fine.

Are you using the datagrid's Smart refresh mode? If so have a look at the link below.
If you are not using this mode let us know.

Smart refresh mode


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