Pausing a program and removing a dll from it

I don't know if it's possibile.Anyway.
I read about how to freeze a application.(there was not listed the source code)
Is there a way not only to freeze the application but to remove the "x.dll" from it, than later attach a new "x.dll" to it and resume the application.

Thanks in advance

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if youre not interested in the code but rather in tools to accomplish this, goto and search for "pssuspend" and "handle". the first will suspend or resume whole processes, the other can list open handles of a given process and also kill handles. only the re-attach of another library is not possible with that tools.

but what you want sounds suspect. why want you to freeze an app, change one of its dlls with another (i guess modified) one and then resume it? why wont it work with initially starting the app with the other dll?
diandrAuthor Commented:
Also the program has to find the application that use "x.dll"
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
You don't have to 'freeze' an app to unload a DLL. Just use FreeLibrary and LoadLibrary to reload it.
Eddie, i think he wants to do it to a foreign application, not his own ;-)
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