veritas 10d

this is what is happening:

I have veritas 10d running on exchange 2000. My question is what is the best setup or configuration for veritas 10d to backup exchange.
currently i have backing up just the email boxes which are around 30 of them and they get backup every day. Now what i don't like about this is that it takes a lot of time to backup. it takes 17hours 30m to backup 14,926,147,743 bytes I know that backing up mail boxes are different and takes more time to finish but isn't this strange to take this long?? please give me some ideas on how to fix this or make it better....

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No, that is normal. What can help is if you turn of the Virus Scanner during the backing up. You could also backup the whole exchange store which usually is faster, but then you can only restore the complete store and not individual data. what you could also do is to backup the exchange mailboxes also during the day to a HD, and then backup that to tape as a file during the nightly backup. This shouldn't have too much impact on the users, and backing up to disk is usually also faster. If the backup server is a different machine, then make sure you have them on a different network segment, so the rest of the lan isn't bothered while the backup runs.

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MJMarioAuthor Commented:
wow, we just bought veritas 10d!! i have to talk to my supervisor and tell him we need a HD??? Is this the only solutions??
First try it with the AV software off...
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Where is the backup device in comparison to the exchange server?  Are they on the same switch/subnet?  Anything else happening on the network while the exchange backup is taking place? (thats if the backup device is not attached to the Exchange Server).

Are you using Hardware or software compression.  Try hardware if possible.

17 hours to backup nearly 14GB is a long time IMHO
MJMarioAuthor Commented:
the backup device is attached to the exchange server. the backup takes  place after working hours.  Rindi, i did backup with the AV software off last weekend and the results were the same.
I think i'm using software compression, but tonight i'm leaving it to hardware compression.......
MJMarioAuthor Commented:
Sorry i just double check the setting and the compression is set to hardware......
What is the backup device?

Have you tried just to backup one small mailbox and see how long that takes?  Is there a particular mailbox that is taking longer to backup?
MJMarioAuthor Commented:
I have the device attached to the server. it's a sony tape drive. well all my mailboxes seems to backup in a descent time but the total is what bothers me.

I thought your problem was the time it took to backup data?  What about the total that bothers you?

MJMarioAuthor Commented:
well, by total i meant it takes around 17 hours to finish backing up 14,926,147,743 bytes. I don't know if this is normal? if not, what should be a normal elapse time to backup 14,926,147,743 bytes?
What type of Sony tape drive is it?  DLT or DAT?

Have a look at the logs and see how long it takes to back up.  I am guessing that you also verify the backup as well (within the 17 hour time frame).

It would seem that the backups are completing before your users are back on the network, but when its verifying due to the time lapse they could be back on the network.

This would mean that the Exchange is back in use and would therefore slow down the verifying even more.

Could you give us a breakdown of how long it takes to backup files and also how long it takes to verify.
MJMarioAuthor Commented:
the typ of the sony tape is a SDT.
yes, indeed it verifies as well (withing the 17 hours). well, the backup finishes before the users get back to work. so i don't think that's a problem.
IT seems that backing up files takes around 7 to 8 hours and verifying would take the other time left to complete the 17 hours........
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