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I have recently added a new LUN to my CX500 - using Navisphere agent and Emc powerpath 4.2.0_b102 on solaris 8.

When viewing the LUNs in Navisphere manager, all Luns read as emcpower#
or the Mount point that is used - Except the new one, it reads c3t12d2 - device name -
and not emcpower8.  Doing a Format on the Sun box, device shows up as emcpower8

Any Ideas would be appreciated



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Duncan MeyersCommented:
The device name is pushed from Navisphere Agent back to your CX500.

Try restarting the Navisphere Agent (/etc/init.d/naviagent stop the naviagent start) - failing that, a reboot may be required.

As long as you created the volume on the emcpower device and PowerPath reports that it has good paths and the failover parameters are set correctlt (Array compath and failover mode (1 for Solaris and PowerPath from memory - but check the docs), I wouldn't get overly fussed about how the LUN name is reported in Navisphere

Solaris 8 can get up to some funny stuff...

BTW - as I'm sure you're aware, you are on a very early revision of FLARE. The current release is 19, patch .030. I'd strongly recommend that you upgrade. It's a two step process for you as you are on such an early release (to R14 then R19), but still pretty painless. Once you're at R19 you get extra goodies, such as the 'Migrate' option, and some of these interesting little quirks go away... :-) IIRC, you have a Dell-sold array, so they'll probably want to charge you for the upgrade. It's worth the $$$. Incidentally, EMC usually don't charge for FLARE upgrades where there are bug fixes - and there are lots in the R13 to R19 upgrade. You may want to mention that to your Dell Account Manager. ;-)

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mickgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks - that worked like a champ.  Dell Just upgraded to that Flare release.  I am not sure why they didnt go higher

Anyway - thansk for the answer !!!

Duncan MeyersCommented:
Glad to be of assistance!
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