OWA will not Authenticate


I am running Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 SP1. My Exchange Server 2003 is not allowing me to log into my OWA. Two things are not happining ...

1. I used to get a Windows Security Certificate pop up when i browsed to the site - this no longer appears
2. When i try and login with user account details it keeps telling me that the username/password is incorrect.

History to issues:
IIS Directory Security/Authentication was changed on the Default Website to Allow Annonymous and Windows Authentication. I have reset the Exchweb folder to Allow Anonymous Access and not to restrict IP addresses that access it.
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Reset the authentication settings on the Exchange virtual folders in IIS Manager thus...

/exchange: Integrated and Basic ONLY. Optional: set a default domain and a default realm
/exchweb: Anonymous ONLY.
/exadmin: Integrated ONLY.
/public: Integrated and Basic ONLY.

Ensure that there are no access restrictions on the folders.
Ensure that you haven't enabled require client SSL certificate or anything like that.

Once you have made those changes, drop in to a command prompt and type


and press enter.

Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
configure authentication to what it was setup initially.
skaap2kAuthor Commented:
It was setup as standard ... ie Allow Anonymous - and yet when i return it to this it did not cause my OWA to start working again
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
review SERVICES and see if anything that should start automatically..did not..restart them..also review the Event viewer for faults.
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