BES Message Expiration Timeout

I have users that travel sporadically and leave their BB turned off while they are in the office, but don't like how it takes 2 hours to sync everything when they turn the device back on before going out of town.  Is there another or better way to acomplish keeping their devices sync'd other than leaving them running all the time.  I'd almost like to use the message expiration feature to keep it from trying to sync email older than one day, but can't seem to find how to change that from the default of 7 days.

Any suggestions would be aprecciated.

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Yeah, we have one of those kind of CEOs too.  Why not just set up his outlook account on one of your IT machines.....add the desktop redirector......and do the syncing yourself, so that he is always ready to go......and it becomes painless for him.
There is no reason not to leave the devices cradled so that they are constantly up to date.  Just remember to make sure that you have it set to forward mail while cradled.
bsbgolfAuthor Commented:
This being the President of the company, changing what he wants to do isn't always an option.  :)  I may just have to take away his cradle and leave a charger there to make sure it's always ready to go when he needs it, that might be the only way to get him away from the cradle.
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