Communication problem between DC/GC Server and Exchange Server.

I keep on getting an application Event ID: 2061 error every 5 minutes.  The error states:
Process MAD.EXE An LDAP search call failed - Server=myserver Error code=80040957. Base DN=, Filter=(legacyExchangeDN=), Scope=2.  I get no other application event errors.

This error seems to have to do with a communication problem between my GC and my Exchange 2003 server.  Reading on this forum and other forums I read that I should be able to Telnet from my GC to my Exch2K3 server on port 389.  However I get the error "Could not open connection to the host, on port 389".  I also used the portqry program to check to see if my Exch2K3 server is listening on port 389 and it's not.  I get "NOT LISTENING".  Email seems to be working, I do get a lot of complains from the end users that they are getting the pop up box in the system tray "Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the Microsoft Exchange Server myserver."

The server is a high end server with 2.5GB of RAM and there are only 170 users on the server so I don't think there is heavy load on the server.

Any ideas what my problem is?  Is it a communication problem?  Am I on the right track, am I suppose to be able to telnet from my GC to the Ex2K3 server?   If I am suppose to be able to telnet, how do I open port 389 on the Exch2K3 server?    I'm running Exchange 2003 with SP2 on a Windows 2003 Server with SP1.


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Try verifying that you have a valid public folder store specified in the properties of the Mailbox Store
robert66Author Commented:
I have a valid public folder store.  That seems okay.  Any other ideas?  Can someone let me know if it is possible to Telnet on port 389 (ldap) from my GC to my Exchange server???
From the GC to Exchange should not work.  Only from Exchange to the GC.

Have you ran DCDIAG from the Exchange server and point it at your GC?  you may also want to try perfmon to see if you can see anything else running at that time, as well as increased logging on the Exchange server.  Under MSExchangeDSAccess in the diagnostics logging tab of hte server.  Then monitor the event log for further information.
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robert66Author Commented:
Thanks for the feedback.  Thank for clearing up the telnet issue.  I can't Telnet from the GC to Exchange, but I can Telnet from Exchange to the GC.  If that is the way it's suppose to be than I'm okay there.

I have run DCDIAG a couple of times and no errors.  I just ran it from my Exchange to the GC and all tests passed.  The command I used is "DCDIAG /s:domain controller".  Are there any additional commands or flags I should try using with the dcdiag to get additional info?  I rarely have to trouble shoot DC issues so  not sure what all the other flags will give me.  

I'll try perfmon and get back to you.
robert66Author Commented:
Actually I have done a couple of performance monitor tests and there is one particular log that has caught my attention and I think is related to my problem.  If I track "RPC Requests" against the "RPC Average Latency", over a 3 hour period the average request is less than 5, however the Average Latency spikes up to 100 on a couple of occasions.  The norm is suppose to be around 35 for 145 users, I read this somewhere.  If I'm wrong let me know. What could be my problem and are there any additional logs I should look into. The CPU and Memory logs are all low.

Thanks this issue is really driving us crazy...

Some articles to look at, of course consider third party software, anything else on this server besides Exchange?  hope not, SQL?  something like that?

another more general, but good info

and of course ExBPA, ExPTA, and ExMon .. that last you may want to look at first .. any really large mailboxes?  potential database problems?  Performance issues are tremendously hard to T/S

hope this helps .. good luck!

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robert66Author Commented:
I increased the loging on MSexchangeDSaccess to Maximum for General and LDAP, so I'll see what I come up with after a couple of hours.  This server is strictly Exchange 2003, nothing else is running on it.  The question is what you consider large. I have a limit for 500MB per user.  To be exact I have 39 mailboxes between 400MB and 500MB, and one person with 950MB (that one exception).  I have strictly mailboxes and a couple of public folders no other large mailboxes.  I will check out the 2 links you sent me and I'll try the tools you recommended.   One more question, can I have one mailbox messing up the entire server?  If so any particular tool that will help me figure out where the problem is?

Thanks a lot again!!
No problem ..

there is a way to monitor your client access .. likely the high RPC's are these users accessing their LARGE mailboxes on a server that just can't handle it .. what version of outlook?  2003?  if so, are they running in cached mode?  with mailboxes that large, you should force them into cached mode

How many mailbox stores?  Hopefully more than one.  if not that will be a bear to restore / repair / defrag.  Nobody likes to hear that, but imagine a 40-60Gig store, 7 and a half days to run repair and defrag .. if you are stuck .. here is a term you don't want to forget .. 'dialtone database'

good luck
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