Airport Extreme Card Installation Problem

Hi Folks.

I'm new to Mac's and have fallen at the first hurdle when trying to install my new Airport Extreme Card in my Power Mac G4.  When I install it I get an error saying I need to reboot my Computer (it says this in seceral languages), the error also has what looks like a dummy mac address at the bottom (It says FF:FF:FF:FF:FF).

If I run the hardware test CD at startup it says the airport card passes ok.

I've checked the card is seated properly several times now but am having no luck with this at all.
Any help much appreciated.
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Exactly what model G4 do you have? Older model G4's will not accept an Airport Extreme card. They will only accept the original 802.11b Airport cards.
P.S. you may be able to identify your G4 model and whether or not it accepts Airport Extreme cards from this link:
If you have the right card, see:
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orangebusAuthor Commented:
It's a Power Mac G4 with mirrored drive bays.  If I click on the About This Mac button it says it is version 3.2 under hardware version.
Macs that require original Airport Card:

Macs the require Airport Extreme Card:
There are two very similar models with mirrored doors. The older version which came as dual 866 GHz, 1 GHz or 1.25 Ghz processor required the older card. The newer version, called the FW800 because it had a single firewire 800 port in addition to its Firewire 400 ports, came in a 1 Ghz, dual 1.25 Ghz and 1.42 Ghz versions and requred the newer Extreme card.

You are going to have to determine which you have. The best way is to check Apple System Profiler to see whether or not your computer has a FW 800 port.
orangebusAuthor Commented:

I've had a look in the profiler but cant find the answer there, however I have had a look at the back of the Mac and it has 3 firewire ports, 2 of which are standard 400 ones (I recognise these), the other is a different shape.  I had a look at this page:

And it shows a picture of a FW 800 port, and I certainly have one of those on the back of the machine.

Also, the machine is a single processor 1Ghz model.

So I think this means I have a suitable Mac???
Sounds like your computer should take an Airport Extreme card. Try the trouble shooting tips here:
orangebusAuthor Commented:
Bit of a catch 22 I have here then, I need to download some software updates from the web, but I can't connect to the internet until I have the updates!  I've searched for a download of the installation cd but cant find one anywhere, and I dont have a copy.  Is there anything I can do, or do I have to buy a 30meter long cable to connect via ethernet to perform the downloads...

Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
Maybe you could temporarily move your computer to a location where you can easily connect it to the internet long enough to update your software. If you haven't connected to the internet in a long time, you software is probably way out of date.

Alternatively, if you can figure out what software you need, you could download it to another Mac and transfer it via a USB memory stick.

Exactly what version of the OS are you now running?

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orangebusAuthor Commented:
I'm on 10.2.4, I had basically reinstalled everything a while back and wanted to use the airport card to do the updates!!  I'm waiting for a friend to drop off an ethernet cable and I'll connect to the net and see how it goes.  Assuming the sofwatre update solves this I will accept your earlier answer straight away.
This is a longshot, but before you go to all that trouble, you might try repairing permissions.
Rather than using software update, I would suggest you download and install the 10.2.6 combo updater:

There are many reports that this works better than incrementally updating using Software Updates.

Once you have installed 10.2.6, run Repair Permissions, reboot, then run Software Updater.
orangebusAuthor Commented:
All done now, thanks very much for your help.
Glad I could be of help and that everything worked out.
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