Port Forwarding

Hi guys. Okay.. in my house my network is set up in the following way..

Wireless belkin router + wired link SYS modem-router, the link SYS connects to the web.

Im connected wirelessly through the belkin wireless router

I'm trying to use the Azureus program. To do this properly you must forward your ports. Now should i forward my ports on the wireless belkin router or the wired link SYS router?
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This link will show you what ports to use with Azureus (forward these ports to the machine you place on using the software with from the Linksys router)

Forward them on the Linksys.
BenFromIrelandAuthor Commented:
problem is, my default wireless (belkin) gateway is

my default wired (linkSYS) gateway is

My IP address is

but to be able to forward ports on the LINKSYS i need to have a 192.168.1.xx IP and i dont kn ow what it is..
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Oh, I thought it was the other way around.

Is there a reason you have two different networks?  If not needed, connect the Linksys to the Belkin via the LAN port with a Crossover cable - which will connect it via a bridged connection, not a routed connection.  Then they'll be on the same network and you can forward your port as needed on your Belkin.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Actually if using the wireless connection for Azureus, with the standard configuration (using WAN port of Belkin) you will have to forward traffic on both units. With some services, on occasion this does not work. You might want to consider making the Belkin a simple access point. To do so:

-Log on to the Belkin web management console and delete any WAN configuration
-On the LAN page assign the Belkin an IP address in the same subnet as the Linksys. For example if the Linksys is use for the Belkin. Make sure there are no conflicts with the IP, i.e. make sure the IP you assign it is out side of any existing DHCP range and not manually/statically assigned to any computer or device
-Again on the Belkin, disable DHCP for the LAN
-Remove any cables from the Belkin's WAN port and connect a LAN port of the Belkin to a LAN port of the Linksys
-You can leave your wireless configuration as is

This effectively makes the Belkin an access point on the same subnet as the Linksys. The Linksys will hand out IP addresses using it's DHCP, and all devices will now be on the same subnet. Now you only have to configure port forwarding on the Linksys by going to:
Click on the link for your model Linksys and the on the resulting page click on Azureus for specific instructions on port forwarding for your unit.

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BenFromIrelandAuthor Commented:
wont any of the previous two suggestions remove any passworded protection or encryption i have on the wireless network?
If your wireless is using encryption it wont remove it..the lan portion is not unaffected by the encryption it will only be on the wireless portion.

I agree with RobWill, you have to forward the required ports on BOTH units.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"wont any of the previous two suggestions remove any passworded protection or encryption "
No not at all. It just changes the path/routing of the packets from the computer connected wirelessly.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Ben did you try either forwarding both devices or better yet making the Belkin an access point?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks Ben
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