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Is there a way to 'choose' the DC which an AD forest will use as the main bridgehead server?  I'm talking about the server which is chosen to basically act as the hub or first hop in inter site replication topology.
I have a single forest with three domains, spread over approx 30 sites, every site has at least one DC.  Everything works OK(ish) but the KCC has 'chosen' a DC in a site to be the 'main' bridgehead and I would like to change this to be a different server in a different site (basically a better spec'ed server in a site with slightly more bandwidth).
I know I can set up manual site connectors but I would like to avoid this if possible.  I'm happy to let the KCC manage things but I'm just not happy with the server it has 'chosen' to be the 'hub'.  My questions are:

1) How does AD make the initial decision on which server is to be the 'hub' bridgehead?
1) Can I manually change\set this server?

Thanks in advance

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You can create a hub/spoke replication topology by not using Site Link transitivity. This will make sure that a spoke site will not create direct replication links to a DC in another spoke site. This will require you to configure 29 non-transitive replication links for 30 sites.

An easier method, or if you want to be in total control of replication, disable the KCC intersite topology generator and create replication links manually.;en-us;242780

Warning: a hub/spoke topology requires absolute fault-tolerance of the Hub site and I recommend at least 2 bridgehead servers dedicated to intersite replication. This is the primary reason that AD Intersite TG will not configure itself in a hub/spoke topology. When a certain amount of connections are made to a domain controller, then resiliency is favored before Site Link cost. The domain controllers in the hub site can otherwise become a single point of failure.;en-us;Q199174
"You should add at least enough site links so that every site is transitively linked to every other site."
btitfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback.  That is useful to specify a site bridgehead DC.  However what I want to specify is the INTERSITE 'hub' server.  The site which becomes the 'hub' in the topology.  I would like to specify this site\server.
btitfAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rant32, that pointed me in the right direction.
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