Nested Distribution List Fails

I have a user who needs to send an email to around 150 contacts. I setup two distribution lists in order to overcome Outlook's 100 address limitation. I nested the second distribution list inside the first one. When the message was sent, the nested distribution list never expanded and an NDR was generated "None of your email accounts could send to this recipient"... referencing the nested distribution list. The addresses in the first distribution list went out just fine.

Have I set this up incorrectly? Should I have created a third, master distribution list with Disribution List 1 and 2 nested inside, instead of nesting List 2 inside List 1?

I'm not sure why what I did wouldn't have worked and I'm seeking clarification on the proper way to do this.

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The way I always do it is to split the original list in to two, and nest them in a new master list. When the limit is hit on list 2, a third list is created, which is nested in the master list. The master list doesn't contain any members.


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philodendrinAuthor Commented:
Okay... I'll do it your way, Sembee... pretty much what I thought I should have done after it didn't work.  

Thanks for the advice.

- Phil
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