Website realtime monitorning

I am currently using Liverpersons Timpani software

I am probabaly the only client of theirs not using the software for its intended use : chatting with customers to close sales.

I am instead using it to montior my customers and seeing how they navigate through my site and what they do

So my question is : Can i find an alterate to do what i need?

Basically i will put a piece of script at the end of my pages and when i use some software i can see whos online and which page they are currently visiting, their location down to state level, and where they came from.. search engine, etc.

I know a lot of this can be seen by looking at a log, but i would like to do it in realtime exactly how it is in livepersons.

Free software would be great... but i dont mind paying... or could i code it myself in asp?
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I have clients who use boldchat for this very purpose.  The nice thing about using a chat solution is you can watch for "confused" customers and ask them if they need help.
Other solutions   --- an inexpensive system.  Pretty nice. --- have not used it, but the path analysis looks sweet, but not sure how "real-time" it is.. - my next one to test... nice.

>>or could i code it myself in asp?
That is what we did - I think the programmers uses sessions and it allowed me to put a piece of ASP code on each page and watch what the customers clicked

Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

You can also use a search engine ranking software like agentwebranking :

"A search engine ranking software automatically queries a given number of keywords on a selected set of search engine. The software will then locate your URLs in the retrieved search engine answer pages and calculate their respective ranks or positions. Agent web ranking software generates highly customizable search engine ranking reports. This will help you check not just your website position but also position of your competitors.

Agent Web Ranking features an unlimited number of projects, websites and keywords".

if you wish to code the software, try browsing through open source software at:- there you will find plenty of free real time chat scripts which you can customise and place on your website with the minimum effort and no costs at all.
Ricky11Author Commented:
anton06  tks but that wasn't what i was looking for.. i was looking for real time monitoring of visitors to my site not my competition...

sitecreations.. tks but i  looked at all of them including boldchat, but livepersons timpani software is far better in terms is usability.. i dont want to depend on java refreshes and having to click reload to see if the user has moved from page 1 to page 2.. timpanies software is downloaded and very easy to use.. but the problem is i dont want to use it for chatting, only real time monitoring.

sourceforge does not have any real good online monitoring software in real time where you can see the country, ip, referrer, currenttpage etc....

but i will close this case.

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