Remote desktop disconnects from home

One of our employees uses a laptop to connect to a server via Sonicwall VPN and remote desktop.  Many people use this same setup successfully, however, this user gets disconnected from the RD frequently, but only from home.  I tested it at another location, it's fine, he tested it at an open internet access site, it was fine; it was only at home (he's on DSL) where this happens.  I thought it may be norton internet security blocking it but (a) it doesn't do it when he logs in from any other site, and (b) he can connect via RD, it just keeps dropping him, but not dropping the vpn or any other connection.
Nothing on the server end indicates that there is a problem, as many others can connect to the same server and stay connected.
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Might be a crappy dsl connection. If he is getting lots of loss or latency RD might be timing out. I'm assuming since RD deals with mouse movement and clicks it is pretty sensitive to networking delays. The fact that this happens to only this user and only at his home, I bet the problem is related to his dsl.  I'd have him call his ISP and have them test the line at his house.
run a ping test to that server from home

ping SERVER -t

let it run like this and see if it blurps.

If it does, you can point at the connection
is he able to connect at all? is the port forwarding being done on his end? i.e. his router ... is his pc running XP sp2 and firewall blocking ports required for RD??

how long does it connect b4 it drops?

is the PC the same one that he is using when connecting from home as the open internet access site?
when it happens again use to at least determine the amount of bandwidth (or congestion) from his connection to  Yu could us this to at least if there a are issues on the home user's ISP.  

We've been using this more often than I care to admit to trouble shoot OWA issues with tele-commuters.

Check out some of the other reporting tools if you get a chance also.

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