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Hi experts,

I am currently trying to create some sort of time clock system for employees using sharepoint. I would like to set it up so a user " logs" in to a sharepoint site at the start of there shift. once the site is loaded they have to *clock* in using some sort of ID code (ssn) something along those lines. From a management standpoint it would be nice to be able to log in to an admin site ( for the timeclock setup) and run reports for hours and such worked for all staff.  I really like http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sppt/wssapps/default.mspx#empltime the Applications for Windows SharePoint Services - Employee Timesheet      
Employee Timesheet and Scheduling Management template.. i would love to find a way to use this template BUT have the time clock run inside of it. I am by no means a programer and am fairly new to sharepoint any help would be wonderful.

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lardoAuthor Commented:
Hmm I never thought of php possably I can find some code already written. ( I would rather not have to learn php for this project) I will look around and see what I can find. Thanks for the idea keep em commin folks !
lardoAuthor Commented:
I was looking at the template sharepoint site I noted above.. would it be possable to set up user names and passwords in that site then  inside the site add content to it ( for example  php time clock code) I found a few diff sets of code most of them let users input a time of check in and out. what I would like is for them to have to "punch" in using the servers time so no one can "cheat" the system... I am toying around right now with sharepoint to see if I can add content (php code) into the existing template any thoughts ideas help?
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I'm a very very beginner in PHP. i was told by a friend he maybe will gona do that project that you mentioned in PHP using MYSQL on an Apache server at his work.
No way that input time code, server must give its time.
This is asked to be done in Linux and users will enter the code through magnetic cards read by card readers into a port.
lardoAuthor Commented:
http://timeclock.sourceforge.net/install.php I am going to try this hopefully I can learn how to set up mysql fairly quick
Cool, thanks for this link, may be useful for me too sometime!
lardoAuthor Commented:
I have figured this problem out could you please force close the question
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together with a link to this page.
I'm glad whether you solved your problem.
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There is a great open source, php time management software I have used and suggest. It is called time-trex and can be found at time-trex.com. Once you set it up and use it, you will never want to invest in a 'pay for app'
halejr1IT DirectorCommented:
Lardo -- any insight on what your final solution was?  Looking for the same deal here...

Thanks for any information.
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