Using sessions in java servlet?


Could anyone demonstrate how to delete a session within servlet's.

I would also like to timeout sessions, to achieve this would I need to set a timeinterval value web.xml file of tomcat?

And finally, I am using tomcat and passing a javabean between the servlet and jsp page.

My text book says the javabean class declaration should implement Serializable. Is this correct with all javabean classes?

Thank you
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You have a method HttpSession.invalidate() to teminate your session.

Session timeout in web.xml
          <session-timeout>30</session-timeout><!-- time in minutes -->

Javabeans require to implement Serializalbe interface. Its a marker interface, means it doesnt have any methods in it.
The classes that implement Serializable interface, the objects of that class can save its state.
This is helpful when u are transfering objects thru network.
But its a good practice that your javabean classes implement Serializable, whether or not you send them thru network.
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