Hi my internet access is going slow now and again

Hi Im using an adsl line on the network in the office here
and its started to go slow
are there any good tools for testing this.....and what might be causing it

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Is it just you or everyone in the office?  You can always test your netowkr speed at toast.net.  You can run a speed tester there to help determine where the problem is.  Is you computer running slow at all times or after you have been logged in for a while?


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you should also check for malware, virus, search toolbars (like YAHOO toolbar) can cause slowness.. was there anything installed recently?

Try to download and update an anti-spyware scanner:


Ad-Aware Personal

To check if you have any spyware
Please download HijackThis 1.99.1

Open Hijackthis, click  scan and save a logfile
then navigate to programfiles hijackthis folder and copy out the log file
 contents and paste the log here http://www.hijackthis.de/ 

 click "Analyse", "Save". at the very bottom of this page..  
Copy the address/url and post a link to the saved list here.
TerreeAuthor Commented:
Its happening on the whole network all users....
I did install server2003 sp1 last week on the Exchange server.....im just wondering if there are any known issues with this SP and the network...
ill check about the adaware and search toolbars..

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if there are multiple machines - you could be experiencing one computer (or many ) that is flooding the network and causing slow response times, again.. scan for virus, adaware...
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Hey Terry,

I had a similar situation which kept running up and down for few days. I have a client who has ADSL and about 10 clients on the network, ADSL connection woul slow down and sometimes just hang. First I thought it was somewhat a virus or trojan but after all the scans and third party tools, I couldn't find anything wrong. This is what I found out and resolved the issue:


1. Server room (12X15) had no ventilation which caused heat and due to the heat switch was malfunctioning and dropping the connection.(Server room accomodate 5 servers)
2. Carpet on the floor caused static and therefore all the equipment had static charge
3. Some of the previously installed ethernet cables were not shielded


1. I installed a Delongi stand along air condition in the server room
2. Replaced the carpet with rubber mat
3. Replaced faulty etherner cables with shielded ones
4. replaced the switch

Now Data flies like it should and client is very happy with the results.

TerreeAuthor Commented:
I finally just restarted my ISA server and the internet connection appears fine now .....
The rubber mat and retained static was really scaring me.......

so im just going to give the points to the 1st reply.

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