Symantec Tamper Protection alert for spysweeper

I have Webroot spysweeper on my machines and the Symantec Tamper Protection alert keeps poping up. I have been unable to figure out how to disable the tamper protection for Webroot in the Symantec system center console. I am running ver 10 of SAV on a Windows 2003 server
The spysweeper program that it is having a problem with is wrsssdk.exe

Any suggestions?
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Symantec Tamper Prtoection is very annoying and there is no way to set exceptions.

What you'll have to do is two things

1) Undxer Symantec System centre, uncheck Tamper protection for clients and servers.
2) Disable the SBPPBSvc service, or whetever it's called, via your group policies, as you often get an error on first logging into windows when tamper protection is turned off.
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