ps -eaf |grep java

I do a ps -eaf |grep java and i see the following.

www 11748 11730  0   Apr 13 ?       19638:35 /usr/java1.2/bin/../jre/bin/..

I wanted explanation as what is the number 19638:35 ??

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Hi vinvc,

add long option --headers and remove the grep to see the meaning of each column of output

Hi vinvc,

I don't think you can easily show just the 1st line of output, then the rest of the matching lines, but in answer to your question - the column you refer to displays the amount of CPU time a process has consumed since it was started.  If you've not made a typo then I suspect you have a rogue process.

Steve :)
vinvcAuthor Commented:
i am stiill not sure of this value, if you could explain it in detail.
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vinvcAuthor Commented:
Thanks Steve, i think  i do have a rogue process which i was investigating.
Hi vinvc

Try sending SIGHUP to the process to see if it will restart itself nicely.  Eg. kill -SIGHUP <pid>

Failing that you might want to kill it good and proper, kill -SIGKILL <pid>

Steve :)
Umm, on my Linux system (Fedora Core 4) that column is in the hh:mm:ss format and is the amount of CPU time that daemon has used.  If I see something that has 00:00:25 that means it has used 25 seconds of CPU, if I see 00:35:55 it has used 35 minutes and 55 seconds of CPU.

I can only assume that 19638:35 may mean it has used a LOT of CPU time.  If the task is multi threaded (which Java is) and this is a multi-CPU box, this could be the total amount of CPU minutes (19,638) and seconds (35) it has used.

Is this this a SMP box?

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