3Com Homeconnect ADSL Modem: small business enviroment

We have an ADSL internet connection at our office, once in a while the internet goes down, rebooting the router doesn't help, the only solution is to reboot the modem.


Internet------>ADSL Modem------>Cisco 1721 Router--------->HP Procurve Switch--------->15-20 users

Is the 3Com modem being overworked maybe?
Can this configuration cause problems, ie VPN.
The 1721 accepts an ADSL WIC, would this be a better solution?

Thank You, Yves

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if its the modem that requires a reset to restore connection, you want to look at the signal going to the modem.

you also want to look at filter positioning/configuration. are your 'pigtails' going into the jack? do you have more than 5 filters? do you have any devices that are NOT filtered?

How far are you from the CO?

this does not sound like a vpn issue
also - you mention 'overworked modem' is it extremely HOT? not ventilated? OLD??? these conditions may warrant modem replacement.
yvesrichardAuthor Commented:
would there be any differences from using the Cisco wic? What do you mean by filters?
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filters are suposed to be used on devices that use the SAME phone line the the dsl modem is connected on. if you dont have filters you will hear static on that line. do you have a separate line dedicated just for dsl? is so filters dont apply. but if another device like a phone, fax, computer modem , etc is being used, it has to be filtered at the jack before it connects to the dsl line.

the cisco wic most likely (unless the dsl modem is bad) wont change the situation.

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yvesrichardAuthor Commented:
sorry, one more question, if possible. there is 1 fax machine using the same line, but is has a filter. will this cause a problem?
it has to have a filter if its on the same line as the dsl. and the filter has to be positioned at the jack - i.e . the 'pigtail' goes in the walljack. and the cord to the fax(or phone) goes into the little rectangular box (female side) of the filter.
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