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We have an application for a Dentist office. The data is on a shared folder on the server, Server 2003 Standard. I installed the Genesis application on the server and when I open the App I get the error "Cannot Locate the Microsoft Visual FoxPro support library"

Is this a security issue with Server 2003 or what? I called the company "Genesis" and the support basically had no clue. HELP
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Sridhar CherukuriService EngineerCommented:
Guess you are trying to open it in a different computer in the network right? is so you cannot  do that as the machine in which you are trying to open the application will look for the libraries in that machine itself.

You can work around in 2 ways

1) create a application package and install in the clients and make sure when you are creating the package you included all the library files in it.

2) Install the software in the client also.
LeviDailyAuthor Commented:
How do I install the software in the client also?
Sridhar CherukuriService EngineerCommented:
before doing anything try doing this whats ur visual foxpro version if it is 6 then locate the below files and copy them into the folder where your application exe file is existing


these files you can get from the computer where visual foxpro is existing. let me know whats the result after performing this

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LeviDailyAuthor Commented:
it is Version 8
LeviDailyAuthor Commented:
Sorry. It is version 6 and I copied these files into System 32 folder, and the c:/windows folder...and nothing. I also copied them into the C:/Genesis and it still says the same!

Sridhar CherukuriService EngineerCommented:
Ok let me work on it and will come back soon
LeviDailyAuthor Commented:
Does it have anything to do with security in Windows Server 2003?
Sridhar CherukuriService EngineerCommented:
This is nothing related to security issue.

Clarify me whether you have created setup kit or just made an exe and trying to execute?

Normally if you want to deploy the application you have to create a setup kit which will automatically collect all the required files to execute the application and will install it.

As far as my understanding your complete exe is on server and you are just trying to execute the application from the client.

This you cannot do it as the system in which you are trying to call the program needs the foxpro runtime DLL files.

Just to confirm this install the foxpro software in the computer from where you want to execute the application. After the installation then call the exe from server. It will work but this is not the right solution. If it is working then lets work around to get it worked without installing the foxpro software.

Let me know what happened.
LeviDailyAuthor Commented:
I didnt write this application. It is one we purchased for a dentist office. It works great on all the XP Pro machines but not on the server which is the domain controller! So honestly I am lost with what you were saying...Sorry
Sridhar CherukuriService EngineerCommented:
ok straight question

Is the application installed on the server?

are you trying to use it in your windows XP machine from the shared server folder?


You cannot use it in windows 2003 server itself?
LeviDailyAuthor Commented:
It is installed on the server.....but...when I install it off the cd, it gives me an error with the dbximage.dll. It says "There was a problem registering the file" The installation will be cancelled. I say ok and it says Installation Completed. It is not the cd or cd drive. The cd works on everyone elses computers. I copied all the files off the cd into a folder on the desktop and ran it and it does the same thing.
Sridhar CherukuriService EngineerCommented:
start the server in safe mode and install the package this should work

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