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We are using VB application to create PDF files(calling Oracle report) and moving into central location,if any user opened a particular PDF file in central location for viewing purpose,At that time I could not move the file for the recent changes.I mean the file is not updating.Can you suggest me the best way so that I could update the PDF file while some user in the network is viewing the pdf file.
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If the file is in use then you cannot update it, there might be some hacks to kick the users off the system share, but the results can be unpredictable.  Would it be possible to write the file off with a different name (say MyPDFFile_Newer.pfd) which you can then have another program periodically check when the old file has been release and then delete the old one and rename the new one.  In that way your other uses will be aware that there is a newer version of the file available.  Of course if someone opens the new version AND the someone else still has the old version open you are a bit stuck.  Ultimately the best solution would be to force the users to download the file and open it locally, in that case I would go for a simple web site which lists available pdf's and then when the user selects one it would download locally and open in the browser.
Leo EikelmanDirector, IT and Business DevelopmentCommented:
wouldn't this be more of a DBA issue?  It sounds like if someone opens the PDF file then it gets locked in the database.  You will have to talk to your DBA to change these constraints, so that when someone opens the PDF file it does not get locked in the database.

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