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I want to look for a CRM for my small company with limited budget(<$1000). We want the customers can subscibe or unsubscribe the mailing list by communicated with the CRM only. So that we don't need to unsubscribe the user from the mailing list manually. Any good suggestion? We prefer the client-based whether than web-based. The database we are using is MSSQL

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You may want to look into an open-source database so you can configure the system yourself.  Most solutions are going to be priced above 1000 bucks because of the implementation you are seeking.  I really don't think you are going to get the solution you are looking for right out of the box.  This definitely sounds like you will need to do some modifications and customizations to your software.
mting923Author Commented:
Thx for your comment, but my company is really looking for this function only. What about any email s/w that can have this function :

1. connect with MS SQL server database
2. send campaign
3. automated subscription
4. Client-based

Thx for your help.
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What your looking for doesn't sound like 'CRM' as its defined. More like 'Email Marketing' software.  Try these:
mting923Author Commented:
Thanks for your comment, but     <----- too expensive   <------ web-based   <------ web-based

I hope I can find some s/w that fit my requirement.
mting923Author Commented:
To clear this up, I finally find a emailer that suit for my need. Its name is Gammadyne Mailer. It is not a CRM, but it can connect with the database by using ODBC. So it is pretty much fit for our company.
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