Cname not working when pointing to mydomain/exchange

I have Windows 2003 SBS standard.

Externally I have a domain wih A, MX and Cname records working perfectly as follows:
(A)            -> ip address
(A)         www                          -> ip address
(MX)            ->
(cname) ->

Everything works perfect here.

Internally I have the same setup and everything except for the CNAME works.

If I type in my browser (fron the LAN) it works just fine.

If I change the CNAME to point -> it works fine too; but if I add  /exchange at the end it won't work, what's wrong? I would appreciate your help as I am not too familiar with the DNS setup.

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I have never seen forward slash used in a DNS record and do not think it is supported. It is surprising that it works in your external DNS setup. DNS resolves names to IP addresses, not to URL's. Cname is supposed to reference a Host record.

If you really don't want your users to have to put /exchange on the end of the URL when they are accessing OWA, it might be possible to do some tricks in the IIS web services setup such as making exchange the default document or using http headers but I would advise testing it on a non-critical server first (if you have one available).

qqsoAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your answer. You are completely correct. I went back and check the external setup and what I have setup is Web Forwarding not a cname entry.  Thanks again.-
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