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Illustrator CS2 keyboard shortcut to cycle through fonts

 I'm trying to find the right font for something in Ill CS2. I'm having to click on the font drop down menu to view the diff ones and is very tume consuming, is there a kb shortcut to quickly cycle through them fast so I can quickly look at how a certain text looks with all the diff ones? Thanks.
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David BruggeCommented:
***WARNING! no solution here***

I'm going to subscribe to this thread and watch for responses. I used illustrator extensively from version 3 through 5. Then I changed jobs and started using Photoshop. Recently, I went back to school for some classes, and one of the kids in the graphics lab asked the same thing. I swore that I used to be able to use the keyboard and step through the fonts one at a time. But gosh darn, I couldn't remember how or find how.

Another student chimed in that her high school teacher had shown her how to do it but she couldn't remember how either. I searched the Adobe forums, the Adobe Knowledge Bank, the Illustrator 9, CS1 and CS2 help files, but couldn't find it mentioned. The student tried to track down her old High School teacher, but no luck.

My current best guess is that in version 8, they did away with some short-cuts to make way for new ones. This might have been a feature that was dropped. Another possibility is that I destroyed some brain cells with some funny weed decades ago and I dreamed this all up.

Anyway, I hope someone comes up with the solution!!
I don't have a solution (I find the same problem to be very annoying in Photoshop - the software I used to use, Micrografx Picture Publisher, allowed such scrolling, so you could see your text in place), but I do have a suggestion. Get one of several font manager programs which allow you to set your demo text, and use that to scroll through the fonts you have. Also handy for installing and uninstalling fonts, etc.

My present favorite is the AMP Font Viewer/Manager - http://www.ampsoft.net/utilities/FontViewer.php
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