Norton Windows Registry Scan hanging

Windows 200 Pro - Norton SystemWorks 2003

On the "One Button Checkup", it hangs on "Windows Registry Scan" - the scan starts and continues showing graphic feedback (arrows), but never finishes.

Have tried re-starting with DiskDoctor check.
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Hi gt40mk2,

most probably coz anything norton is **&^**^!!!

what do the event logs say and have you tried reinstalling?

gt40mk2Author Commented:

Don't know if there are logs.

Tried re-installing and that didn't work.

Downloaded "Windows Registry Repair Pro" ($10). Ran that and it fixed tons of errors. Then Registry scan in Norton worked.

Background: Before this, I had had some data errors on an external drive, which I was able to repair with Windows Error-checking. I think maybe that dumped a whole load of crap in the registry which the Norton scan couldn't handle.

Which would verify your feelings about Norton!

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