c++: how to convert wchar_t* to DWORD

I'm reading in a value from an INI file that is the frequency of which I need to perform an action during my file handling process.  The value will always be a postive numeric value.  Default is 32768 (32KB). When I use GetPrivateProfileString() I can read in the value but it comes in as a w_chart*.  I need a way to convert this value to a DWORD.  

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Not a big deal, use

#include <stdlib.h>

wchar_t* p = L"32768";
DWORD dwValue = _wtol(p);
BTW, why don't you use 'GetPrivateProfileInt()' here in the 1st place?
i-mate05Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply jkr.  Honestly I didn't even realize that call existed. I'm using someone elses code as a guideline and I didn't even think to look for that.  Thank you again.
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