Print PDF file in C# without requiring adobe reader

Hello, is there a way to print a PDF file in C# directly to the printer without opening adobe reader/acrobat?  This program will likely be used in environments where the reader is not necessarily installed.

I've seen the following posted here but this depends on acrobat:
            Process p = new Process();
            p.StartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(C:\\temp.pdf);
            p.StartInfo.Verb = "print";
            p.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = true;
            p.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = true;

Any help or pointer to a .net control (free is possible) would be great.
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Sorry, I guess it's not free, but does still look easy...
ruzAuthor Commented:
jhance, thanks for the link, does seem pretty easy but has an $899 price tag!
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Adobe doesnt use the same printing commands as the rest of the world (well, as MS at least).

I found a free exe that can send pdf's directly to the printer. Use it from your code.

Not the most elegant solution but it worked for me.
ruzAuthor Commented:
vb_jonas, thanks, but that program essentially launches acrobat reader and sets the /t parameter to run in silent mode, which doesn't seem to work well for Acrobat 5.0+.  Also it tries to kill the acrobat.exe process with a Sleep(1000) delay but can't find it since the user could be using adobe reader or acrobat.  But if there is a command line application that can do the same functionality as this without relying on adobe reader and properly handles PDF files to the printer that would be great.
Have you looked at the pdf995 suite of software?  It is something like $9 and allows a huge range of options.
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