Move the contents of Mailbox to another user's

The Title says it all. I am using Exchange Server 2003 SP2. An employee recently quit and we will be replacing her with a new employee. The new employee needs all of the old employee's emails etc... Client is not in Cached Exchange Mode. Don't really want to play with PST's either. Is there a way to move the contents of hew mailbox to the new user's or rename it to the new employee's name? Please advise!
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Yes, there are several ways:
- you could give full or partial access to this mailbox to the new employee
- you could give the new employee this old mailbox alltogether (re-attach it to the new account)
- you could exmerge the contents and copy it either to a PST (you don't like that, I know) or directly to the new user's mailbox

Which one would you prefer?
I don't recommend doing anything with account renaming - I don't think it is fair to give a new member of staff all the garbage from a previous user.

What I would do is create a new account for the new employee.
Then grant this account full mailbox access to the former employee's account.
Move the SMTP address across to the new account as an additional address so that any email that comes in goes to the new person.
Add the old account to the new person's mailbox as an additional account.
Finally hide the old account from the GAL.


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If the new employee needs all the old users info, everything including profile files etc. then renaming hte account is by far the easiest way to go as it just take as a few minutes. However as mentioned befoer, they will get everything from that old user, including any profile problems.
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