Netware 5 seeing Windows shares

Can I get my Netware 5 server to see windows shares?   I would like to send backups to a windows server with a tape drive.

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Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: If you put an NFS server on the Windoze box, then the NetWare server can mount the Windoze-based filesystems via NFS. They would appear on the NetWare server as Volumes.

Observation: Why not simply get a backup solution with a NetWare agent? Sounds to me like you're putting together a Rube Goldberg backup "solution" that won't really protect your data or provide for reliable data recovery.
asdsstaffAuthor Commented:

That was my next question really.  I have managed to virtualize a Netware 5.x server that previously sat on unstable hardware.  But on the old hardware it used to backup to tape.  Now it's virtualized and need a solution to backing it up.  Not familar with the Netware backups solution out there.  Can I run a backup server of sort on Windows with an agent on NetWare?  I'm sure I can but not sure which software will fit my needs.  I just need to be able to get the data onto tape and the only server that has a tape drive now is the new "host" box.
Backup Exec can run on Windoze or NetWare, and has NetWare agents. Not certain about others.

Check out Novell's Partner Guide, which lists products compatible with Novell's products. They don't have a listing for NetWare v5.0 (since its not a supported version any more), so you'll need to look at the "Open Enterprise Server" listing -->

Scroll down to the "Software: backup, restore & recovery" section.

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asdsstaffAuthor Commented:
Thanks PsiCop
I use HP Data Protector (formerly Omniback).
I've also heard excellent things about Syncort Backup Express.  Personally I hate Backup Exec, but that's just my opinion :)
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