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I need to be able to access Outlook Web Access from anywhere on the internet.  It works just fine anywhere in my local network, but what do I need to do or open to access it from home or where ever.  I am using Windows Server 2000.
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Ok first up you need an internet accessible or public ip address that you can use as an alias for your exchange server.

Now Microsoft at this point would condemn you to a lifetime of misery and suffering for not using an ISA server, and in all honestly you should, but if such luxuries are not available to you, you can make exchange work on its own safely if you are careful.

Next step is to obtain an ssl certificate for your exchange server, and install this onto the exchange virtual server, and configure IIS to listen for requests on pot 443.

Check that you webmail works internally, but now over an SSL connection.

Finally configure your router to route from the external IP address on port 443 to your exchange server also on 443

You need to open at least the HTTPS port 443 in your firewall and make sure it is NATed to the OWA server.  You will also need to setup a host name (Type A record) on the external DNS, pointing to your OWA server.  Something like "owa" or "webmail", then you can access it by typing

Optionally, you could also open port 80 and configure a redirect to 443.
perhaps you already have that, but to use SSL (HTTPS) you do need a certificate, either internal, from your own CA, or purchased from a trusted root authority.

Otherwise, you can only access OWA over port 80, which is insecure and NOT recommended.
If you are only using it at home (not for public access), you may install the CA service to issue your own certificates. I agree with JMMI, SSL is a must.  Make sure that all password strong enough to avoid brute force attack. In the IIS security pannel, specify the allowed IP address for incoming connection.  And finally disable HTTP mail protocol in Active directory for users who doesnt need OWA.

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