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Cant connect to my FTP

I am currently using Serv-U FTP client, on my desktop pc i have FTP on port 21 with no ssl or tls. i have my Zone alarm and router to port forward/open and it works great from a 3rd party location or on my network, but with my second pc i am using the same software but i have changed the FTP port to 69, so port 69 is open and forward, i can access this ftp on the network but from the internet it does'nt work, i can see people attempting to connect because the serv-u icon changes colour and also the log. I beleive an error meassage comes up unable to open folder operation timed out, i have tryied http://www.g6ftpserver.com/en/ftptest to test the connect but i do not get a result page.
1 Solution
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Try going to  to http://www.canyouseeme.org and testing for port 69 to see if the port is open and forwarded correctly to your server. Could it be a router port forwarding issue?
andrewdunkAuthor Commented:
i have changed the ports around and tried different ones and they are all open. like i say it is configured right because because i can access it over the network, but over the net it does'nt work. try it for yourself
Rob WilliamsCommented:
You are suggesting using port 20, but above you say port 21, then 69. Have you forwarded the appropriate port to your FTP server? Appears to be being blocked at the Router.

You appear to be using a Buffalo Technology ADSL router. I assume you have configured port forwarding on that as per the following instructions?

Are you using an additional router or just that unit?
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CKWTCommented: worked!, is this PC1 or PC2???

agree with rest comments, look that you have a port forward issue...
sorry to interject this stopper, but serv-U FTP is seriously defective, and I dont know why.  My brother is on a site whose FTP client is serv-U, and it is the most defective, hardly-even-on, and never-fast FTP client on the planet.  I know you wont be able to accept this, but there is something seriously wrong with serv-U that causes 30-85% slow down in FTP transfer over comparable clients.  I am merely just trying to warn you, it has unknown problems.  If you decide to go with a better FTP server client, probably all your problems will vanish.  Good Luck
Rob WilliamsCommented:
andrewdunk, seemed to be working I assume after you adjusted port forwarding, is this the case, is it OK now?

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