Dial Up + FTP + Transfer Files

i have a VB Code that can Dial Up a phone number using the MSComm Control.

I need to use this VB Code to Dial Up another Computer (My Computer & the Remote Computer have Modems installed), and after the Dial Up process is done and the Remote Computer accepts the Call using the Remote Access Service; i need to transfer files from my computer to the remote one using the FTP Service in the Visual Basic (Internet Transfer Control) ...

How can i do that ???

NB: i have installed the FTP Service (IIS) in the Remote Computer
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1.  Do you have the same internet service provider for the two machines?
2.  Are they virtually on a *LAN*?  Try step 3.

3.  Can you *ping* the other machine?
     If yes, then just issue a simple "ftp <remotePCIP>" from your PC.
     If no, it is not possible.  Your internet service providers usually blocks IP's of clients from the *outside*.
                                       ask them if they can provide you a *tunnel* or VPN.
                                       OR, find an FTP site and make it a go-between.

Hope that helps!
tarik_bizriAuthor Commented:
i want to Dial Up from one computer to another without using an ISP !!!

i just wanna Dial Up the "phone number" of the "phone line" attached to the modem of the "Remote PC" & then transfer the files using the FTP Service in the VB

that's all ...
Hi, when you setup the remote access from the remote PC you must setup the TCP/IP protocol. In the connection properties and then in the TCP/IP procotol properties, you must setup the IP addreses range, where the IP address that you put in the text box "From" will be the IP address that the server (or remote PC) will get at the momento of the conection.

The from the PC that you dialed up, you must connect to the IP address of the server FTP (the one that you put in the text box FROM) and then do the transfer.In this way works for the incomming connections of windows (i donĀ“t know the exact name in english version), does the remote access service belong to a windows server?. If you are using a Windows Server (2000/2003 or NT) and you are using this service, you must search for the configuration of IP addresses of the connection (I think that is like windows XP/2000).


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