Citrix freezes when printing to Lexmark e240n printer

Hi guys, I have just joined a company that uses Citrix (Win2003 server), but whenever anyone prints, or the properties of the printer are accessed through Citrix, it freezes (the Citrix session, not the PC).  It is a monochrome laserjet e240n that the Lexmark site says is fully compatible with Citrix.  As far as I can tell it is running the current drivers.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!
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How are your printers set up?  Are they being autocreated at logon, or installed locally to the server, or on a network print server?

Are you limiting bandwidth available for printing for your farm?

Does this happen with other printers?
cli7554Author Commented:
They are currently on a print-server that I have imported into Citrix.  There is no bandwidth limiting happening that I am aware of, and this is on the only printer that it has an issue with (there is another printer that works just fine, though it is an HP).
Try mapping the driver in Citrix Consile and see if that helps.
cli7554Author Commented:
Sorry guys, another project came up and this took a back seat for a bit.  It was a driver issue.  I found a different driver, reinstalled the printer on the server, reinstalled it on Citrix and it works like a dream now.  Thanks for the input
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