Server.CreateObject Failed Error

I have a site that is working fine but I need to move it to another server.  I've moved it and when I test it I get the following error:  

Server object error 'ASP 0177 : 800401f3'

Server.CreateObject Failed

/LM/W3SVC/1/Root/vems/global.asa, line 30


I remember having issues last time I set it up and I thought I remembered it having something to do with the application pool or the ISS isolation mode but I've set us IIS identical as the old server (far as I can tell) and I don't know what the issue is.  

This is the line that is causing the prob:

Set oSessionStart = Server.CreateObject("vPs_Support.AppStartup")
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"vPs_Support.AppStartup" is not a standard object, it is probably a custom made object. So you'd have to install it on the new server. Usually it is enough to put it in a directory (to which IUSR_ has read permissions) and register it. Registering can be done from the command prompt:

C:\path\regsvr32 nameofhtecomobject.dll

intchauspeAuthor Commented:
I tried registering it and it gave me a different error so maybe there are still issues with the permissions - I'll check that and let you know.... Thanks
intchauspeAuthor Commented:
BTW....  this is the error I get after I registered the DLL

vPs_Support error '800a005b'

Object variable or With block variable not set

/LM/W3SVC/1/Root/vems/global.asa, line 31
intchauspeAuthor Commented:
registered DLLS and added perms to the Folder where DLLs reside - WORKS
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