Connecting 2 linksys switch via Fiber??? NEED HELP


I need to connect 2 switches together via fiber.

Here is what I did.  I have 2 LINKSYS SRW2024 gigabit linksys switches.  I also have 2 trasponders, 1 for each switch that slide right into the gig port expansion ports.  Also, I have 1 fiberoptic Cable.  The fiber optic cable snaps right into the transponder.  

My problem.....One switch does not communicate with the other.  Looks like using common sense here is not working.  I am sure I purchased and have all the correct items to make this happen.  What am I doing wrong?  Does anyone have experience with this?

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nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
does the linksys support full duplex?  if so, is this set up properly?

Do you get link lights on both switches?
Did you match the correct fiber type with the transceiver?
Multimode or singlemode? You can't use multimode cable with singlemode transceiver or vice versa.
Did you try reversing the two ends at one switch or the other?
Fiber ends:
or (should be)
I just purchased a couple of these for a client and I thought I saw that the expansion ports were shared with the last two ethernet ports. Is there anything plugged into ports 23,24?
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Actually, I think it's 12, 24... my mistake.

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What brand of "transponders" do you have? some have a 3 switches on them that can play havoc on you.
as irmoore suggests try switching the fibers...however only do one side, also be very careful with dust, inspect and clean the ends. You can somewhat verify the fiber by shining light (regular flash light will work) at one and seeing it at the other. The connection should be Tx to Rx on each "transponder". Also you need to have the LAN and Link light active, you can have the LAN side active ONLY and not the fiber link.
shirwaziriAuthor Commented:
victornegri has found it...

yes, I see you have worked with these before.  I guess I was thrown off a couple of times after Linksys told me different suggestions each time.  

Both switch have gig expansion ports.  On each expansion port it says that it "shared with port#"  in my case, yes, it was port 12 and 24.  I had something in one of the ports on my main switch that was using port 24.  After moving that devise...down hill from there.  Thank you, Victornegri

And also, all those who responded.  Thank you as well. But this time the Victor goes to victornegr.  (sorry that was corney)...


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