Refresh of advanced server 2000

Greetings to all,
                        I have just taken over the job of refreshing 4 Dell Servers running Server 2000 or Advanced Server 2000.
They are all running but the builds are 5 years old. I am planning to refresh them hardware and software wise. Here is the scenario: Server 1 is running Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, etc. It also has a SQL Database on it. (later for that info)
I do not have the option of taking the server down completely as it is being used. There are also disk space issues on the other servers. I was going to install a temporary server in the rack and use it in place of each one while I am rebuilding it.
I.E. Install the O.S and other apps, add it to the domain, run dcpromo on it to get a copy of Active Directory, copy the data
to the new drives, then run dcpromo to depromote the old server. At that point I can replace the drives in the old server with newer ones and install a fresh copy of Server 2000. Does this sound like a good way to do this or am I out of the ballpark. I have never done this before, I have only built new servers for new places. (Domains)
         I need to refresh all 4 of these and I can use all the help/info that I can get. I am very nervous about screwing this up as people need to use these resources while I am refreshing. I am only afforded minimal downtime. Weekends, nights,
etc. However, if I can make the temporary server take the place of the one I am refreshing, it will make my life much easier as it will remove the pressure. That is my plan. The others servers will be next after I upgrade this one. Also, if anyone has any good links for info I am all ears. Thanks guys, you rule!
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Hi gpfrank,

you dont really need a temp server at all if you have 4 spare ones....

promote one to a DC, allow full replication and then take over the roles of the first server you want to bring down, DHCP DNS etc etc etc
make sure you transfer the FSMO roles around correctly

demote the target DC and reinstall windows, promote him back up and seaize the roles back

its about as easy as that!

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