how to change a second domain controler to a primary domain controler

1 year ago I install a domain controler (windows 2003 server standard edition) I told the DC that he was the first controler on a new domain...I setup the 22 users and bla bla bla everything was ok..     1  week after, I installed another domain controler on the same network and I told him that he was another dc in an existing domain. again everything was ok. he act as a backup server and is name is (bkserver).

NOW 2 day ago I had to change the first DC with a new Pc and I re-install windows server 2003 on it and I gave him the same name of my of my first server installed 1 year ago (serveur2003)  because it was the same name I  disconnect the first one from the network. and I begin the installation of the domain setup on the new one

I told him that he was another DC on an existing domain hoping that he would take the users name and password of all my existing users. It work I now have my two server running (serveur2003 and bkserver)

but now all two of them think that they are second on existing domain and I want the new one thinking he's the first one

So how do I tell the new server to be a PDC  

Because now i have error message telling me that


or a global catalog server could not be located.

and i have problem to creat new user.

Help me.
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This server you took down held the FSMO roles.

You need to SEIZE the roles to the second DC and also make it a GC.
Then you need to do a metadata cleanup of AD and remove ALL traces of the old DC (primary one).
You also need to delete all traces of the old DC from DNS.

You cannot simply remove and replace DCs without first moving the roles they hold off to another DC and then gracefully demoting it.


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just to add, you need to remove from sites and services manually or else your diags will constantly throw errors,

just a useful point :)
..And a valid point.  Didn't we talk about this before?  :o)

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i think we may have actually :)

was just in a test environment recently again and the same problem happened   couldnt believe something that big was not remedied in a servie pack somewhere!
infotekplusAuthor Commented:
Your answer is to short...

I need more explaination

the first scenario is my PDC is dead ..  I was unable to transfert roles  how can I raise my new server to a PDC.
that was my first question.

but if you telling that there no other way to do it

the second scenario is I might be able to put back the old server for a few minute (if the motherboard give me the time to do it)

If I put  back the old PDC on the network then I transfert the role to my bkserver and right after I put back the new server who as the same name and transfer it back the role to the new server.. will it work.  So the bkserver will  temporary holding the role. and because the new server has the same name of the old PDC it will work easy

the command in ntdsutil.exe to do this ...  is it

from the pdc I say connect to the bkserver and tell him to seize pdc  or do I have to be on the destination server to tell him seize from the pdc?

take me by the hand please.
infotekplusAuthor Commented:
I just saw that i don't even know how to respond to  an answer on my first question...  ouinn:-(
what netman was saying is that basically there are five Master roles in a domain, these roles are crucial to domain functionality

however, if you a single DC or 100 DC's there are still only 5 roles

in an ideal world when we lose a DC or are planning on replacing a DC we can transfer the FSMO roles to another DC then do whatever needs to be done

however, in your scenario your DC has died completley, you dont have the option of transferring the roles as both DC's need to be alive, the process you have to take in your scenario, is to sieze the roles from the old DC.

you have to understand that if you do this, you cant ever bring your old DC back online, as you then have two DCs fighting over the roles that they both hold and all hell breaks loose on your Domain. you need to format your machine or at least completely remove and AD records using the tool below before you can ever bring it backup

you need to follow this process

this isnt a replacement to netman's answer it is just an add-on
you run these processes on the only DC that is alive on your Domain at the moment,
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